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Micro Roasted Specialty Coffee

Located in southwest Montana, in the Ruby Valley, in the shadow of the Tobacco Root mountains.


We are devoted to finding the best arabica coffees from the world’s best growing regions. Fresh roasted coffee is far superior in flavor and aroma, and we believe the flavor should live up to that amazing aroma present after grinding our coffee.


Major specialty coffee purveyors (you know their names) and grocery store brands typically have a “best by” date that extends several months or more from the roast date, we think that coffee tastes best when consumed within 5-7 days of being roasted. They also “burn” their beans to allow them to stand out in the heavy syrups and milk leaving a single bitter note, lacking in the chocolates, caramels, and fruit notes we look for in our coffee.


We roast in small batches for the highest possible control. Our roaster is a 2.5 IR Diedrich roaster built in Sandpoint Idaho. We roast to order never keeping beans around to get stale. I'll typically roast our green coffee to a medium (full city) roast to highlight the quality, and unique flavors we look for when sourcing the coffee.  When ordering 3 or more 12 oz. bags of a single origin coffee I can roast it to your desired level.

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