Costa Rica La Rosa SHB EP

Costa Rica La Rosa SHB EP is sourced from Cooperativa de Productores de Café y Servicios Múltiples de Naranjo R.L. (Coopronaranjo) which was established in 1968 in the the Canton of Naranjo within the province of Alajuela, Costa Rica.  La Rosa comes from a select group of producers including Henry Méndez Arce, Carlos Haug, Alcides Camacho, Fernando París, Xenia Sanchez, Guillermo Chacón and Juan José Araya, each with farms that average 20 acres in size. Coopronaranjo strives to have a social impact in the community through school supply programs. Cooperative members also volunteer at the fire station and a program for people with disabilities called Talita Cumi.


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